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A New Level Luxury

A New Level Luxury is driven by a passion to breathe a unique creativity into everything we do

A New Level Luxury is a niche management consultancy passionate about delivering tailored, forward-thinking solutions, to premium, luxury, and high-end businesses.

We collaborate with our clients to create innovatory, strategic initiatives, which create new opportunities for competitive advantage, and produce tangible, sustainable results, for today's evolving landscape.


Our solutions are categorised under two business lines: 

i- Core Consulting: expert solutions that cut across Strategy, Finance, and Operations.

ii- Special Projects: creative, customised initiatives designed to unlock new possibilities.

If you would like to explore how we can support your business, get in touch.

Our Ai

Our definition of Luxury is, 'creativity at its very best'. Our mission is to breathe a unique creativity into everything we do, whilst leveraging an expert combination of skills, knowledge and experience, to create our suite of innovatory Forward-Thinking Solutions. We understand that unlocking the potential within businesses can be challenging, whilst exploring new opportunities can be risky. Our solutions are designed to innovatively address the complex stages of your change lifecycle, with the aim to provide the tailored support required to position you on the optimal trajectory to reach an improved, elevated state. We call this process Business Transfiguration.

Our Approach 

Our work is underpinned by the Five Tenets of our Philosophy, and we build on this, to create dedicated solutions for businesses, using a holistic and rigorous framework. We deliver our expertise using a range of specialist tools and techniques, which enable us to identify new opportunities, diagnose challenges, and present creative, pragmatic, value-adding solutions. Our primary consulting model is our systemised A-B-C-D-E-F-G Model, a 7-step programme that promotes clarity and coordination for a desired change, improvement, and growth in any given area. We also deploy a range of other proven models such as the 8-stage Consulting Study Plan - BS EN 12973: Value Management, designed to identify and capture measurable value. We apply a situational dependent approach to each business, to achieve the goal of delivering tailored solutions for sustainable value creation. 

Our Ethos 

We are committed to being a trusted partner to our clients, working alongside them to complement their existing offerings, to discover new opportunities, and to address their existing challenges. Our client-centric focus means that our objective is to create customised solutions, which directly target their contextual and strategic needs. Our belief in 'creatively doing things differently’, supercharges our forward-thinking solutions, and catalyses us to deliver optimal outcomes and sustainable change, to propel businesses to A New Level.

About: About

Our Team
Our seasoned team has extensive experience and expertise gained at some of the world's most prestigious corporates, and trained at the world-leading business schools. We have a diverse background that spans across top-tier financial institutions such as global investment banks, private banks and private equity; as well as renowned global brands such as Porsche, Harrods, Visa, The Financial Times, Roja Parfums, Bvlgari Hotel London and more. 

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