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Core Consulting

Our core consulting programmes are innovatory solutions that target SME business challenges, and produce lasting, transfigurative results.

Core Consulting: Solutions

In Brief...

We help you on your ESG journey - review how well you are doing, and how you may improve, to reap the rewards

The Benefits of ESG

Many business leaders are astounded to discover that implementing a sound strategy for ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), delivers tangible benefits, not only for the environment and communities, but also for the business itself. When it is done right, sustainability practices yield positive outcomes - and whilst some rewards will be realised over time, some may be enjoyed immediately.

The ESG Emergency

Businesses in every sector are faced with increasing pressures to do business more responsibly, driven largely by the current macroeconomic climate emergency. It is no longer sufficient to passively address ESG planning, companies are being required to evidence a strong commitment to ESG that covers not only the environmental, but topics including: DE&I, employee engagement, philanthropy, and others.

Our tailored ESG solution created in partnership with the Sustainability and Improvement experts for SMEs, Eevery, has been designed to support SME businesses in the luxury sector along their ESG journey. We take seriously the mission of Walpole, the official sector body for UK luxury, which set out a firm commitment for the sector, as described in the British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto,.


Our specialised programme aims to help UK luxury businesses contribute to Walpole's mission to make the UK’s luxury sector the most sustainable in the world.  

Natural environment and carbon neutral concepts in hand for net zero emissions targets. We

In Brief...

We help you with the big picture - where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there.

How to win in Strategy 

The goal of strategy is to make optimal choices that best leverage your resources and capabilities, to create sustainable value, and to gain an advantage relative to your competition. Strategy involves an interconnected, non-linear, symbiotic process that requires a firm understanding of: your current position, your available choices, and the best approach to implement the designated course of action.

Luxury - A Complex Sector 

The luxury and high-end sector is highly complex and multi-dimensional; comprised of businesses pursuing the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship, exclusivity and distinctiveness. Incumbents customarily seek to deploy the most highly composite competitive strategies, often discounting the confinements of cost factors, to explore the boundless range of unique dimensions available under a given business model.

The 'TEN LEVERS of Luxury' Framework

We have developed the TEN LEVERS of Luxury framework, underpinned by our innovatory AI-powered strategy tool. The model is built on ten specificities that form the distinct characteristics of luxury goods and services, and thereby translate synchronously into the strategic 'levers' that define and strengthen competitive advantage. This provides the basis for an objective assessment and scoring mechanism, which identifies strengths and weaknesses, and highlights areas for improvement, to position businesses for tangible and sustainable competitive advantage.



In Brief...

We help you with your processes - how to utilise your resources more efficiently for greater outputs and profitability.

Reset and Reconfigure

Businesses in every industry require a proactive approach to process efficiency. The current unprecedented climate demands that businesses step up unapologetically, to face off the ongoing fortuitous challenges, rather than acquiesce to a state of docile indifference. In today's disruptive business environment, passivity is the pathway to depredation.

A Great Awakening

For decades, large swathes of the luxury industry had been traditionally resistant to modernisation, in part, a determined effort to avert commoditisation. However, incumbents are newly awakening to the immense possibilities of leveraging process efficiency and excellence, to uncover competitive advantage. and discover new potential for sustainable value.

Diagnose-Identify-Develop-Implement (​D-I-D-I)

We deliver the expertise to reconfigure and transform your business operational models and processes, using specialist models and frameworks, such as Value Management, Lean Management, and Agile Methodologies, with the aim to:

1 > Diagnose weaknesses & inefficiencies

2 > Identify improvements & opportunities

3 > Develop innovative recommendations

4 > Implement transformative solutions

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In Brief...

We help you with your finances - how to lower your costs, generate higher profits, and use your money more efficiently. 

Financing not for Frills

Finance considerations are some of the most important concerns for businesses. Yet surprisingly, the decisions around reporting, budgeting/investment, capital structure/financing, and working capital management, are often routinely ill-managed. The impacts of financial mismanagement are significantly amplified in high-end premium and luxury businesses which are typified by higher costs and higher margins.

Prudence vs Opulence

Businesses exist primarily to create value by making optimal financial decisions - whatever industry they are in - through investing in ‘projects’ or ‘products’ where the benefits outweigh the costs. Most business decisions however, relate to complex, future uncertainties. Hence, astute business leaders must seek to acquire the expert tools and knowledge for sound assessments to foster informed judgements and astute financial decisions.

Indulge in Financial Expertise 

We deliver the financial knowledge and expertise that go above and beyond day-to-day productivity to help clients make strategic financial decisions that ensure they are competitively positioned to achieve and sustain outstanding, measurable, long-term profitability and growth.

Our passion for creativity catalyses the work we do, and ensures that our forward-thinking solutions are individually tailored to target specific challenges.

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