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A New Level Luxury was birthed with a passion to 'creatively do things differently'. This is a philosophy that supercharges the way we work, and the work we do. We believe that businesses today need to adopt this way of thinking, to thrive in the current evolving business landscape. This is our mission, and it inspires and catalyses us to develop imaginative solutions and initiatives, which create new opportunities for businesses. According to us, the ultimate definition of true luxury is, 'Creativity at its very best'.


Our philosophy is subtly communicated in the design of our logo, which depicts an emblematic Purple Arrow. The Arrow is a symbol of the values that underpin our philosophy, which in turn catalyses everything that we do. Our philosophy is described below in our Five Tenets.

Our Five Tenets

i - Creativity

The Arrow represents creativity. It advocates motion, and transformation; and challenges inaction and stagnation. It possesses the ability to trigger momentum for a desired change in a static environment. We believe creativity is the engine of progress, and the agent of productivity. When we harness the power of creativity, nothing is impossible; but when we dismiss it, activities lack passion and purpose. The success of any business today, is increasingly dependent on its ability to successfully nurture a culture of creativeness and innovativeness. Our goal is to work with businesses to implement solutions that harmonise proven, specialist tools and methodologies, with creative thinking, to deliver tangible, long-term results.

ii - Quality

The Arrow takes on a different messaging and tone based on its colour. The power of colour to distinctly transmit a message is universal. As an example, in driving, a green light motions, 'Go'; whilst a red light indicates, "Stop'. Correspondingly, in archery, arrow colours are used customarily to signal the technical expertise of the archer, Our Arrow is purple in colour, because purple is widely associated with: Quality, Power, Intelligence, Royalty, and Luxury. These virtues align perfectly with our company ethos, and form the core principles that underpin our company culture. Uncompromising quality is the signature of luxury, and is the insignia of the work we deliver to our clients through our innovatory solutions.  

iii - Responsibility

The Arrow pointing upwards indicates the pursuit of a superior way of living. This necessitates being informed and intentional about making a positive contribution to the lives of others, and denigrates pure self-gratification and self-indulgence.. Historically, the luxury industry was known for being satiated with goods and services that proffered superfluous living, however today, there is a widening consciousness amongst consumers, businesses. The industry as a whole, is awakening to the great responsibility that accompanies great privilege.. We are keen to support responsible luxury businesses towards meaningful discussion and action on social responsibility, sustainability and ethics, which seeks to secure the future of the industry and our planet. 

iv - Longevity

The Arrow symbolises infinity, it points to limitless future possibilities, yet it retains a discerning connection to the past. The most revered brands of today, are those that flawlessly synthesise the timeless hallmarks of heritage, and authenticity, with creativity and ingenuity. Those who are custodians of craftsmanship, yet still, explorers of modern technologies and inventions. Its no surprise then, that throughout history. some of the most groundbreaking inventions have been developed through a seamless coalescence of innovatory intelligence and ancient wisdom..

v - Capacity 

The Arrow consists of two parts - the Shaft (base/core) and the Arrowhead (crown/topper). This figure also depicts the structure of a building - Arrowhead = Roof; Shaft = Main block. A business consists of a Shaft and an Arrowhead. The Shaft represents the core functional and operational activities, whilst the Arrowhead refers to the non-core, complementary activities, Our solutions aim to cut across the multiple functions and layers of businesses by synchronously targeting the 'Shaft' and 'Arrowhead' of business operations. Our solutions have been categorised under two distinct business lines -

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Our Five Tenets
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