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Business Transformation is a concept that has been around for decades, and in fact, has many predecessors - TQM / reengineering / restructuring / cultural change / turnaround. Today, 'Business Transformation' is perhaps the most commonly used expression, yet strangely, the term does not have a universal definition to describe it. 
The various definitions provided are broad, as they are colourful; however, fortunately there is a high level of consonance around the underlying objectives and motives. In spite of this, advocates commonly lean towards a definition suited to their respective agenda (eg. an IT consulting firm places emphasis on the digital capabilities afforded through ERP and system implementations, whilst strategy experts focus more broadly on reinventing the entire business model). Hence, there exists numerous interpretations and consequently, scope for misuse and misapplication.

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First, what is Business Transformation?

Business Transformation also known as TQM / reengineering / restructuring / cultural change / turnaround describes a major shift, realignment, or fundamental change in a business.

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Let’s dive deeper into the intriguing subject of Business Transformation. 

What do the big veteran consultancies say about Business Transformation? 
Great insight is offered by senior McKinsey partners in "Why your next transformation should be ‘all in'". The study explains that business transformation is about ‘changing what your company is and does’, not merely about productivity advancement efforts to strengthen your bottom line. It ‘requires understanding where the value is shifting in your industry (and in others), spotting opportunities in the inflection points, and taking purposeful actions to seize them’.

This exposition aligns with Deloitte’s diffusion in "Thinking big with business transformation" - 'It is the opportunity to define a bold ambition that goes beyond incremental change - the opportunity to rethink your business and operating models to deliver breakthrough value. It involves strategic decisions that affect where you’ll grow, how your organisation operates, and what kinds of performance improvement you can target'.

In practice, what does Business Transformation actually mean?
Business transformation requires incumbent organisations to embark on strategic, wholesale, seismic paradigm shifts to accelerate change and growth beyond pre-defined, incremental improvements. It is bold and broad; it is a fundamental change, shift, or realignment in a business; it cuts across all functions within the organisation and demands a top-down recalibration and reconstruction of everything it does.

When it works, it holds immense potential to yield tremendous rewards - think of well-documented success stories such as Apple and Netflix. However when it fails, due to its broad scope, the results can be catastrophic. It’s an all-in exercise, which urges extreme conscientiousness and caution upon prospectors.

Business Transfiguration: Services

Business Transformation is a fundamental change, shift, or realignment in a business.

Business Transfiguration: About

So, what is the rationale for Business Transformation?
In today’s dynamic and disruptive business environment, a business may find itself arriving at a precipice or intersection where it encounters a major or potential impediment to its current or future performance – often called an ‘Inflection-point'.

This may arise due to a wide range of reasons such as increased competition, severe economic conditions, disruptive technologies, regulatory compliance, or due to positive changes such as new strategic potentialities, or IT initiatives. Business transformation aims to help an organisation make a wholesale strategic pivot to generate new value, maximize performance, reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, to compete more effectively, and better align its with its strategy.

What is it not?
Business Transformation is not the same as conventional business change, or change management. Whilst often used inter-changeably, they are not the same. The former refers to a fundamental realignment implemented through a portfolio of integrated and interdependent initiatives, with the goal to reinvent the entire organisation. The latter is concerned with executing a defined change through discrete initiatives, involving a measured shift in the way the business operates.
What does it involve?
Business Transformation involves a comprehensive and integrative change to a company’s (whole business or SBU) strategic, operational, cultural, and digital processes. It is a holistic cross-functional process that essentially requires a remodel of its personnel (organisational, cultural), processes, and technology functions, and includes multiple underlying projects or initiatives each addressing specific process, team/dept, or technology.
Is this what everyone should be doing in the current climate?
Certainly, business transformation potentially yields immense benefits, however, it inevitably entails high risks due to the large scale, high costs, high commitment, and high unpredictability involved. It is essentially a foray into unknown possibilities, hence, the outcomes are never guaranteed, and the risks of failure can be catastrophic.

Business Transfiguration: Services

We do things differently...

Business Transfiguration: About

Our view on Business Transformation
At A New Level Luxury, we believe that a full-scale business transformation is not always the right solution for every business - in fact the most critical threat to a business may be a complete transformation of itself. If a business embarks on a transformation effort in the absence of a rigorous, systematic assessment of its overarching corporate and business strategy, informed by a comprehensive analysis of its strategic context and choices. it may eventually collapse. By failing to conduct a thorough diagnosis prior to embarking on a business transformation, a business is likely to arrive at an ill-fitting aftermath. 

Business Transfiguration: Services

The most critical threat to a business may be the complete transformation of itself.

Business Transfiguration: About


At A New Level Luxury, we believe in Business Transfiguration. We define this as 'a change of form in a business to an improved or elevated state'. Our ethos does not simply say 'bigger is better' - we firmly believe that optimal results may be achieved from smaller, structured, discrete changes. In other words, the right change is necessarily situationally dependent.

The first and most important step is to comprehensively determine the most advantageous long and broad future state for the business, and the strategic pivots required to effectuate the desired outcomes. Subsequently, the end-to-end process for the required change is designed and executed. Unfortunately, many companies, in the pursuit of progress, proceed to a sweeping transformation, without rigorous and requisite consideration strategy-validation. 

Business Transfiguration: Services

Business Transfiguration is a change of form in a business, to an improved or elevated state.

Business Transfiguration: About


Our approach is to perform preliminarily, a robust assessment along the Transfiguration Tiers of a business - a Tier is a distinct function, service, or division, that constitutes a core or ancillary activity i.e, Finance, Operations, Technology, etc.

Each tier is evaluated:

> Independently: As a distinct business activity, we seek to find a 'best-fit' solution.
> Interdependently: As a co-dependent activity, we adequately address the impact of the proposed solution with respect to other tiers.

At A New Level Luxury, we believe that, in the current climate of unprecedented pandemonium and disruption, change must be embraced - but not just any change, it must be the right change. Hence, we do business transformation
 differently; we lay emphasis on the 'why', rather than the 'how' and 'when'..

Contact us to discover how we can deliver Business Transfiguration for your business.

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