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Special Projects

Our special projects are creative, customised initiatives that apply progressive thinking, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Luxury is evolving. Traditionally, it was broadly characterised by exclusivity, prestige and opulence. Today, it has become increasingly progressive; inspired by a strong new wave of social change, and influenced by modern values and the pursuit of an elevated, conscious lifestyle. Consumers today seek for a sense of authentic connectedness with the world around them. 

Arts & Culture as a Platform for DEI Engagement

The growing global discourse on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), is increasingly exerting its influence both societally and commercially. Consequently, it has become mission-critical for leading businesses to engage in innovative DEI strategies and initiatives to remain current and relevant.

Luxury customers now represent expansively diverse interests, and are attracted to those brands who evidence that they resonate with the topics that matter to them,. Brands that are slow to adapt appear out-of-touch and disinterested in the discernible needs of their customers. Our solutions are aimed at businesses who are keen to create more impactful and personal engagement with an increasingly diverse customer pool.

Abstract Lights

As the global business environment continues to revolve, this presents unique opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. The new dynamics of market competition requires a proactive response which seeks to break the mould of business-as-usual, by exploring new and innovatory initiatives and solutions.


Customised Client-Engagement Initiatives

Luxury consumers today are newly discerning and expect the highest specificities from luxury goods and services across all categories. In turn, luxury businesses must deliver an eclectic fusion of experience, culture, innovation, digitalisation, sustainability,  interlaced with meaningful expressions of self. Businesses must pay attention because customers are more loyal and engaged if they feel heard and valued.


Businesses must be proactive in creating customised client-engagement initiatives. Our solutions provide an avenue to offer an array os complementary products and services specially tailored to your existing or target audiences. Our expertise includes: co-creating new concepts, to end-to-end implementation of new propositions. We are passionate about helping businesses discover creative and meaningful ways to expand their capabilities and increase their reach.

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The luxury industry is facing a widening skills shortage, triggered by an evolving industry; shifting trends, new technologies, and other catalysts. This is creating increasing competitive pressure on incumbents and leading to heightened demands for up-to-date training to support up-skilling and re-skilling.


Introducing Luxademy

Luxademy is the world’s first AI-powered learning & recruitment platform and expert network designed for the luxury industry. It consists of -

i- Luxademy Learning: A unique online catalog comprising off-the-shelf content & bespoke course creation services. It will deliver specialised content in bite-sized, versatile learning segments, featuring fully customisable high-end templates, and a stunning world-class design synonymous with high-end luxury.

ii- Luxademy Talent: An AI-powered job matching/recruitment service designed to match jobs to the most suitable candidates.  This feature will also include career-coaching.

iii- Luxademy Expert: A dedicated expert network that connects a curated team of subject-matter experts from both industry and academia, with clients, to provide specific luxury industry experience to create solutions that realise lasting value.

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