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The A-B-C-D-E-F-G Model: Services

Welcome to our 7-step



CHANGE - How to do it successfully 

Change is a necessary process both in business and in virtually every sphere of life. Yet, whilst we recognise that it must be carefully managed from initiation to implementation, many change initiatives prove abortive - often because a change concept is misjudged from inception, or it is poorly executed.

At A New Level Luxury, we have developed a proprietary change methodology which forms the underlying framework for most of the work that we do. The A-B-C-D-E-F-G Methodology consists of seven distinct steps across three phases, and is a robust model configured to deliver structured change, founded on the four principles of change: Understand, Plan, Implement, and Communicate. It is an end-to-end model that provides clarity and coordination for a desired change or improvement. 

Our methodology is founded on the five principles of change -










What makes an effective change methodology?

An effective change methodology leverages demonstrable themes which align with proven change models and frameworks, such as McKinsey’s 7-S model, Six Sigma’s DMAIC, ADKAR, Kotter’s Change Management theory, Lewin’s ‘unfreeze-change-refreeze’ and others. The effectiveness of a methodology is however situational dependent, and the most trusted methodologies evidence broad applicability and contextual relevance.

The principles of change offer a framework that proposes a considered approach, and a successful change process will apply this. Business change is conventionally highly complex and cumbersome, and must likewise leverage each principle rigorously to deliver structured change that achieves the desired outcome.

We design an implementation plan and roadmap which we communicate to your key stakeholders

Our A-B-C-D-E-F-G Methodology is a seven step end-to-end model that provides guidance and coordination for any desired change or improvement.

The A-B-C-D-E-F-G Methodology is divided into three phases.

Each phase is expertly tailored to address the contextual challenges and requirements of your business situation.





How it works


We conduct a comprehensive assessment to establish the nature & scale of the business challenge

This is the first step and involves: an exploratory consultation, followed by an investigative and analytical process to define the details of your business opportunity or challenge. This will involve a range of steps to ascertain your context and trajectory - ‘AS-IS”. We ensure that this step is exhaustive and thorough, to set a firm foundation which ensures that subsequent stages are performed with confidence and competence. The success of the entire project is dependent upon how well this stage is conducted. Dependent on the nature of your business, this stage can take a couple of days up until a few weeks.


We use expert tools and techniques to develop a tailored blueprint based on the assessment results

This step involves a systematic analysis of our findings from the assessment phase, with the aid of proven expert tools and techniques. Our goal here is to identify and innovatively develop recommendations for the most advantageous course of action. The outcome of this step is a tailored blueprint detailing our committed proposals, and delivers our expert judgement following an exhaustive assessment and analysis process.


We design and communicate a clear roadmap and implementation plan with key stakeholders

During this step, we develop a clear and achievable phased implementation plan which reconciles your current situation and resources with your target state, in communication with your key stakeholders. This is a highly critical stage that requires your commitment and cooperation, and offers the opportunity to establish the scope and terms for further implementation support to be provided by our team, and partners from our carefully curated ecosystem of industry and academic experts. The goal of this step is to develop a comprehensive roadmap, which also helps support monitoring and accountability for the project.. 

Note: From the outset, we adopt a structured and well-defined approach to steps A-C, however we recognise it is imperative to make iterations where it would be beneficial to, in view of the changing business climate, or other critical new information.


We implement the outlined changes and deliver the specialised project to a high standard

We will proceed to deliver the designated solutions in alignment with the goals, objectives and roadmap we mutually agree on. Our goal is to ensure that we implement your new business changes in a manner that  it integrates seamlessly into your existing business processes, so that there is minimal disruption to business as usual. Whilst we aim to adopt a structured and well-defined approach throughout each step, we recognise it is imperative to make iterations where it would be beneficial to, in view of critical new information, or the changing business climate.


We measure the results achieved and evaluate how realised benefits compare with expections

At the completion of the project, we will review and perform an appraisal of the final results and review the project outcomes against set targets. We conduct ongoing evaluation of all projects throughout each key phase, not only at the completion of the project, which enables us to preempt any significant variances, Whilst we normally expect projects to abide within the designated targets, ongoing evaluations helps us to identify deviations in a timely manner to realign and agree the best way forward.


We continue to monitor your ongoing progress to identify and follow-up any required adjustments

Following completion of the project, it is our policy to stay in close contact with our clients, so that we may be in position to provide support for as long as you require, or for an interim period. Our goal is to deliver tangible and sustainable change, and to ensure that clients are satisfied with the resultant changes from the project. This involves ensuring that changes are fully integrated into your business and required training and development is provided to uplift your former systems and processes.

We are satisfied only when your business begins to enjoy measurable improvement and growth

Our mission is to reposition you on a new trajectory for continued growth, because we believe that growth is not a destination, but a journey. Our goal is to work alongside you as your trusted partner, to provide you with the tools, expertise, and support you require to achieve your business goals, We are passionate about helping our clients get results, and we are satisfied only when your business begins to enjoy
measurable, tangible and sustainable growth and improvement

The A-B-C-D-E-F-G Methodology for your business

The current climate deonstrates that change is constant; and businesses have a choice:
I > Proactively integrate a methodical approach to boost resilience.
II > Adopt an ungoverned approach which undermines resilience.

Recent economic crises have heralded a new era where impetuous business change has become customary. Businesses, whether they realise it or not, are being faced with an increased pace of continuous change, and discerning businesses leaders recognise that straddling the uncertainty, the evolving climate tenders ubiquitous opportunities for growth and advancement. 

Contact us to discover how your business can achieve optimal performance using our A-B-C-D-E-F-G Model.

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