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Welcome to LUX-ESG

The ESG Programme


Luxury SMEs

The challenges faced by small and medium-sized (SME) businesses in the luxury sector in addressing sustainability challenges are unique and convolute. The sector appears to be on a trajectory of unparalleled change, with the new codes of luxury habitually conflicting with traditional notions. Incumbent businesses must readily conciliate the evolving desires of the modern luxury consumer to demonstrate timeless appeal, whilst being confronted with unprecedented regulatory demands about ESG; without compromising on factors including, quality, materials, service, or margins.

Our goal is to help luxury SMEs unlock the value of sustainability, through discovering impactful ESG strategies that positively impact the lives of your internal and external stakeholders, alongside strengthening your corporate strategy. The high standards routinely associated with the sector apply also to its sustainability performance, and SMEs businesses need tailored support to navigate the intricate web of requirements and regulations, and make sense of the complex landscape.

We take seriously the mission of Walpole, the official sector body for UK luxury, which set out a firm commitment for the sector, as described in the British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto. Our specialised programme helps UK luxury SME businesses contribute to Walpole's mission to make the UK’s luxury sector the most sustainable in the world. We believe that every luxury SME business globally, should adopt Walpole's mission, and participate in ensuring that all luxury businesses contribute to a better future for all.

The LUXE-ESG Programme

LUXE-ESG is our tailored ESG solution for SMEs, created in partnership with the Sustainability and Improvement experts for SMEs, Eevery. It has been specially designed to provide dedicated support to luxury SMEs on their ESG journey. It is a focused end-to-end programme delivered across three comprehensive phases, as outlined in our proprietary A-B-C-D-E-F-G Methodology. 






We start with a comprehensive assessment to establish your ESG priorities and your baseline


How LUXE-ESG works

How the



We start with a comprehensive assessment to establish your ESG priorities and your baseline

First, we want to determine your starting-point. We will assess what you are currently doing, and how well you are performing, in view of the key sustainability topics you should be focusing on. We do this in two stages:
i- Impact Scan - a customised 'materiality assessment' to determine the ESG themes
your business should be prioritising.
ii- ESG Assessment - a detailed performance analysis and benchmarking assessment, which leverages the results from the Impact Scan and is based on your sector, size and situation, to determine your strengths and areas for improvement.

The platform provided by our partners, Eevery, presents an expert scoring model, which has been developed specifically for SMEs, and is calibrated to international frameworks, such as the EU Taxonomy, GRI, CSRD and latest laws and regulations.

We help define an ESG Blueprint with tangible goals and objectives, based on the priorities identified

We define a strategy for your sustainability journey, by building on the sustainability target areas identified in your baseline measurements, to ensure that your attention and resources are directed to the ESG topics most relevant to your business. We perform this process in line with the concept of ‘Double Materiality’ introduced by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which aims to help you prioritise the most relevant and most material sustainability themes. Your ESG blueprint will take the form of specific areas for improvement with practical recommendations, delivered via a dedicated Improvement Center, as well as more holistic reviews which align your ESG strategy with your long-term business strategy..


We design a detailed plan and roadmap by consideration of your current activities and resources

We will set out a clear and achievable phased implementation plan which reconciles your current situation and resources with your new ESG goals. Whilst some targets may be easily workable, others will require further in-depth analysis to harmonise multiple conflicting variables, as well as inputs from dedicated specialists in our carefully curated ecosystem of industry and academic experts. This step will also involve delving into your corporate strategy to define congruent objectives in order to develop a roadmap, which supports monitoring and accountability. Our goal is to help you create a comprehensive and impactful strategy, which is well-defined, yet suitably adaptive to the changing climate.

We provide you with all the implementation support you require to deliver your new ESG strategy 

We will provide the practical and expert support required to implement your new ESG strategy and ensure it integrates seamlessly into your business processes and practices. This may be purely from an advisory/consultative perspective, or may form part of a dedicated side-project, with newly-defined objectives and scope. Our goal is to ensure that the finalised ESG plan becomes a reality, with minimal disruption to your business normal business processes.

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We help you with continuously monitoring your KPIs, and evaluating the progress of your journey

We will support you with ongoing monitoring and throughout each key phase, and not only at the planned completion of your roadmap. It is vital to ensure that you are continuously measuring your KPIs and updating data to measure your goals and compare best practices throughout your implementation plan. By
constantly monitoring your plans you can stay on top of adjustments that you may need to make so that you can stay on course to reach your sustainability goals.


We provide you with the advice and support to effectively communicate your results and progress

We believe that once you start your ESG journey, you have shown your commitment to sustainability, and you can begin to demonstrate your sustainability progress and performance. We will advise and support you with informative reports that capture both your baseline measurement for key variables and global standards, as well as your improvement and progress over time. Our assessments
are aligned with global standards, so you can be confident that your ESG reporting will be objective and transparent, and will positively demonstrate your achievements to your customers, employees, suppliers and the public.

We continue to provide ongoing support to help you remain consistent on your journey to Net Zero.. 

Our mission is to see your business succeed on your ESG journey, and enjoy all of the benefits it offers. The journey to Net Zero is highly complex and evolving, and SME businesses are particularly at risk of being overwhelmed and left to pay the ultimate price. We will commit to supporting your ESG journey for as long as you require, and should you wish to acquire a specific  endorsement such as the B-Corp Certification, or the Butterfly Mark, we are here to lead you all the way. 

Let's start your ESG journey together

The global macroeconomic climate crisis means that ESG is already shaping virtually every industry, and its influence is certain to deepen into the future, Whilst at the present time, ESG reporting is mandatory only for large companies, the growing requirement for transparency and oversight of supply chain partners, means that smaller businesses are facing increasing pressure to measure and provide sustainability data. 

We believe that ESG presents not merely a mechanism to achieve regulatory compliance however, but a real opportunity to create positive change for the benefit of everyone. We also believe that sustainability is not a destination, but a journey; and with the right support, it ensures that customers, employees, investors, and all communities, can look to the future with confidence,

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