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African Art Series

The African Art Series

The African Art Series are specially curated art exhibitions set in stunning venues around London, to celebrate the unprecedented rise in appreciation of African art globally. Designed to provide a fascinating glimpse into the people, culture, heritage, history, identity and language of Africa, the aim of the exhibitions is to inspire positive perceptions and stimulate positive dialogue around the African narrative, and to foster multi-faceted perspectives of the continent.


Founded by Cas Ojo, the exhibitions are created in partnership with high-profile brands and organisations, in response to current and important conversations on diversity. The ubiquitous rise in the conversation on African art provides a gateway and an incredible opportunity for organisations to engage in credible and authentic initiatives, that will resonate and deepen connections with the affluent African consumer, alongside other affluent audiences in the fast-growing African art industry..

Authentic, Genuine Engagement

The issue of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) today, exerts tremendous influence both economically and financially, and predictably, there is increasing focus on it in the boardroom - and externally. The relationship between a brand and a diverse customer-base cannot be purely transactional however, rather, brands must build and nurture authenticity and genuine engagement. The brands that will succeed must be thoughtful, creative and progressive about customer engagement.

The Project

The inaugural exhibition in The African Art Series was held on 7th to 9th October 2021, in the stunning surroundings of Bvlgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, in collaboration with Sotheby's (see video). Several private exhibitions have since followed.

Black History Month | 2024

The African Art Series will return this October, in a number of special partnerships with various high-profile brands across London. This Series will see a selection of works from brilliant artists, exhibited in the grand surroundings of five-star restaurants, hotel lobbies and high-end retail establishments.


Kindly get in touch for more information. 

Art exhibitions designed to boost engagement with a diverse customer-base


Breaking Boundaries

The primary objective of The African Art Series is to boost engagement with a diverse audience on several levels; the true appeal of the project. The programme is designed to unite an international audience at the intersection of art, luxury, inclusivity and Africa.

The focus is Africa, the channel is art, the theme is luxury. The audience is global.

Stimulating Intellectual Dialogue

Our objective is to stimulate intellectual dialogue and meaningful discourse on the creativity, brilliance and diverse personality of the African continent.


We are delighted to have access to works from established artists from Africa, and the African diaspora such as Ben Enwonwu MBE, Ablade Glover, El Anatsui, Wole Lagunju, Victor Ekpuk, Dickens Otieno, Zanelle Maholi, Niyi Olagunju and Sikelela Owen, alongside exciting new artists such as Àsìkò, Steve Ekpenisi and Kgole.


An Exciting New Landscape for Investment

Amidst the growing demand and interest in contemporary African art, The African Art Series is an active contributor and facilitator to the conversation of African art as an exciting landscape for investment, with an international audience of new generation collectors and seasoned art connoisseurs alike.


African Art has seen a steady rise in demand in recent years, and interest is predicted to soar in the foreseeable future. 

Challenging Clichés

The African Art Series was birthed from a passion to positively contribute to the wider perception of Africa: to challenge clichès, preconceptions and misconceptions, and thereby promote more positive dialogue about Africa. With a mission to celebrate and showcase creativity and talent from Africa and its diaspora, the exhibitions are held in stunning venues, presenting African art in an enclave of opulence and fine luxury.

A Steady Rise in Demand

African art has seen a steady rise in demand in recent years, and interest is predicted to soar in the foreseeable future. It is a fascinating world that that tells stories about the history, language and identity of Africa, providing a glimpse into the soul of an immensely and intensely culturally diverse people, immersing audiences in tales and legends from generations past to generations present. The project presents a narrative that shines the spotlight on Africa’s rich culture and heritage, inspiring beautiful perceptions of the continent.


Contact us to enquire about curating an event or exhibition for your organisation, or partnership opportunities at our next exhibition.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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