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The Shopping Edit

The Shopping Edit

A Personalised Affair

As today's affluent consumers increasingly demand a lifestyle that pushes new boundaries, and communicates a personal sense of originality and individuality, incumbent providers are keen to reciprocate with carefully curated solutions. The requirement for distinctiveness extends beyond the boundaries of an individual brand’s goods or services however, and many businesses are exploring new ways to satisfy customers' demands for something more. It seems no longer sufficient to provide the highest quality and craftsmanship, and leading companies are seeking to offer complementary benefits such as shopping and gifting experiences as part of a collaborative or partnership arrangement.

Customised Client-Engagement


We help companies who are seeking to explore a bespoke range of complementary offering to their customers across key lifestyle sectors. This includes: private luxury shopping experiences, corporate gifting, hospitality, VIP events and more. Our tailored solutions not only enhance the perception of the brand, but present a tangible basis for competitive advantage, and powerful opportunities for client acquisition, engagement and retention, for today's demanding and dynamic luxury consumer segment.


The L-X Service is our latest bespoke shopping concierge offering for corporate clients, that facilitates exclusive virtual shopping experiences from the world's leading luxury brands, wherever your clients are. We have arranged private online shopping and styling events that connect shoppers with expert Stylists and Sales Advisors in the flagship stores on London's Bond Street for HNI clients of a private bank, for example, enabling them to shop the latest collections directly from home. We thrive on exceeding clients' expectations, and ensure a memorable experience every time. 

The L-X Service


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