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The Fragrance Edit

The Fragrance Butler

A lasting Impression

In a highly competitive environment where the ultimate goal is to create enjoyable and enduring memories for every guest, it is requisite to deliver a multi-sensory emotional connection, to ensure a lasting impression.. The sense of smell is tied to memory and emotion much more than our other senses, hence, fragrances do more than make you smell great., they have mood-enhancing effects; can combat stress, produce therapeutic effects, improve concentration, and more. 

The Fragrance Butler is an innovatory concept, being offered exclusively to selected five-star hotels globally - By Invitation Only. The proposition is very simple - we provide a selection of the finest perfumes for your hotel guests to use free-of-charge. The Fragrance Butler will appear upon request at the Front Desk, with an exquisite tray stacked with fine fragrances carefully crafted from only the purest and most precious incenses, spices, woods and blossoms, from some of the world’s finest perfume houses.

Our Fragrances

We are delighted to represent an exquisite range of luxury niche fragrance brands such as Atelier Versace | Atkinsons | Fragrance du Bois | Jeroboam | La Perla | The House of Oud | Widian, working with distributors who supply to Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods for over 20+ years. 

Our innovatory business model constitutes a revenue-generating initiative, in place of what would customarily be a cost-centre for the establishment, making this a truly unique offering. Additionally, The Fragrance Butler offers a solution that tangibly promotes sustainable practices and standards, and is sure to enrich every guest experience.

Our Innovatory Model


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