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Bespoke Corporate Solutions

We design bespoke initiatives that form complementary services to enhance your current offerings for existing or target audiences. 

Special Projects: Services

Once upon a time, luxury was synonymous with expressions of affluence and extravagance. Today, affluent consumers seek a model of luxury that lays an emphasis on distinctiveness and personalisation, across the end-to-end consumption of goods and services. Customers increasingly expect the organisations they patronise to offer unique experiences that go above and beyond the dedicated offering - eg. Private Banks customarily offer their customers comprehensive lifestyle benefits and perks.


Customised Client-Engagement Initiatives

To meet the growing demand for innovative luxury experiences, we help companies who are seeking to offer an exceptional range of services to their clients across key lifestyle sectors. Our offerings include: luxury shopping, hospitality, VIP events and corporate gifting, and more. These initiatives not only boost the profile of the organisation, but also present powerful opportunities for client acquisition, engagement and retention in the dynamic and demanding luxury consumer segment.


The L-X Service

The L-X Service is a bespoke offering that includes exclusive virtual shopping experiences from the world's leading luxury brands, wherever you are. We connect shoppers with expert Stylists and Sales Advisors in the flagship stores on London's Bond Street via video call, so they can shop the latest collections directly from home. We thrive on exceeding clients' expectations, and ensure consummate execution with every experience.

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Leading businesses today recognise that client engagement is a critical strategy for market growth and retention, and are keen to discover creative means of connecting with their customers. For luxury brands, this increasingly involves corporate events such as: exclusive showcases, tasting events, fashion shows, private dinners and concerts, and a range of other invitation-only events. Initiatives which were once a 'nice to have', now play a central role in customer engagement.


Orchestrated and executed with exquisiteness

It is fundamental that corporate events complement a brand’s identity, and delivers a message that aligns with its mission. A delicate balance exists between popular, on-trend events, and events that are congruent with a business' image and long-term goals. The starting-point must be a deep and broad view of its long-term strategy. Businesses require end-to-end support to design and create corporate events that do not sit in isolation, but rather, are perfect aligned with its current road-map.

Having established coherence with strategy, the next step is to design a spectacular production, executed to perfection, with astonishing attention to detail. Luxury consumers expect their brands to design events that deliver on exquisiteness and experience, We are here to businesses create meaningful events that extend and enhance the customer experience, whilst strengthening and securing the client relationship.

Today, health and wellness is an aspirational lifestyle and has become a priority for the modern affluent consumer, no longer confined to dedicated activities, The deep desire for this coveted staple of luxury living  permeates across daily life from the home, to work, and also rest/play; from nutrition to fitness, beauty to fashion. Wellness is influencing almost every market, with hardly anything out of reach. Its multidimensional nature cements its new status as the new standard of value and enrichment. 


The Business of Wellness

The wellness discussion is transforming the luxury industry, and the new aspiration continues to redefine consumer expectations. As luxury consumers seek new ways to integrate wellness into every facet of daily life, luxury companies must evolve together with them. They must seek for innovatory ways to incorporate wellness initiatives into their offerings to connect with the Increasingly health-conscious consumer who constitutes the higher end of an industry expected to surpass $8billion by 2030. 

Our Wellness solutions involve curating bespoke offerings for dedicated consumer groups. As the wellness industry continues to influence the luxury industry, the emergent winners will be those who facilitate tangible initiatives to enrich consumers in their journey to wellbeing by integrating elements of wellness in their offerings  that will resonate with their enlightened audience.

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