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The 3rd level of your ESG Journey

Welcome to LUX-ESG





An all-inclusive programme with extensive support over a longer period, for lasting, measurable, sustainability success.

ULTIMATE is the gold standard sustainability programme for luxury SMEs. Incumbents in the luxury sector face unique and convolute challenges in addressing sustainability concerns, and must reconcile unprecedented regulatory demands, with the evolving desires of the modern luxury consumer, without compromising on factors including, quality, materials, service, or margins.

ESG must become embedded as a central component of business strategy activity and decisions at both the operational and strategic level for optimal outcomes, We keenly believe that every business deserves the right to pursue improved sustainability practices in congruence with improved performance and profitability, and we are passionate about making ESG compliance straightforward, relevant and rewarding.

Learn more about the steps in ULTIMATE below.

First, all the steps in
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How LUXE-ESG works

We proactively monitor your ongoing progress to identify and follow-up any required adjustments.

Following completion of each chapter of your ESG journey, we will work in close contact alongside our ULTIMATE clients, to be in position to provide dedicated support for as long as you require, or for an interim period.


Our commitment is to work alongside you to ensure that your ESG strategy continues to deliver tangible and sustainable results, and to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcomes achieved in the immediate and longer-term. This involves ensuring that changes are fully integrated into your business and any required training and development is provided where necessary.

LUXE-ESG is a comprehensive programme created in partnership with Eevery, the sustainability and improvement experts for SMEs. and delivered in three levels: 
, ELEVATE and ULTIMATE,, using our proprietary A-B-C-D-E-F-G Methodology

About LUXE-ESG . . .

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